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35th Cleveland International Film Festival Kicks Off!

This week  marked the first days of the 35th Cleveland International Film Festival.  Today, the films are rolling and there’s excitement (along with the smell of popping popcorn) in the air at Tower City Cinemas. Whether you’re new to the festival or a seasoned pro, here are some helpful tips for navigating the theater, one film at a time.

Arrive to the theater early. Vouchers don’t necessarily mean you’ll get a seat. And, who doesn’t love center-row, half-way up?

Grab a program and make a movie plan. Choose the films you absolutely must-see and arrange them meticulously so you don’t miss any.

Don’t leave downtown hungry. There are plenty of great places to fill up before, after and in-between movies. Click here for nearby restaurants.

Use code “TWEET” for $2 off your seat here.

Click here for 35th CIFF film related events taking place all week long.

Take advantage of FREE PARKING when available in the Tower City Center Self-Parking Garage and Tower City Amphitheater Parking at River (off Canal Road). Get your ticket validated at Tower City Cinemas.

And finally, become part of the story at the 35th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival March 24 thru April 3 at Tower City Cinemas at 230 West Huron Road in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

– Submitted by C.A.


Coming Soon: The 34th Cleveland International Film Festival

The 34th Cleveland International Film Fest is quickly approaching (March 18-28 at Tower City Cinemas), so make sure you’re ready. Tickets go on sale to CIFF Members February 26 at 11am and to the general public on March 5 at 11am.Here are some tips to help you make the most of one of Cleveland’s most popular events of the year:

 1) Buy your tickets in advance. Movies that have a buzz fill up fast and standby is not a guarantee.

2) Pick up the daily guides. They keep you in the loop about schedule changes, director sightings and more.

 3) Use your discounts. CIFF ticket buyers and passholders are entitled to discounts at restaurants, pubs, stores and theaters in Cleveland. You’re going to need to get out of the dark eventually, why not save 15% or get a free appetizer while you’re at it?

 4) If you get popcorn, go big. While it’s $10.50 for a large pop (yep, we say pop in Cleveland . . . get over it) and a popcorn, it’s refillable. If you’re in it for the long haul, chances are, you’ll go through a couple of buckets in a day.

 5) Download the CIFF iPhone app on February 15 for easy access to 2010 film details, images, trailers and up-to-the-minute screening information in real-time along with theater contact information and maps.

 Some other film festival resources you may find helpful:

–Submitted by CA


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