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I had Them Eating out of my Hands (01.25.09)

Hand-Feed the Birds @ Cleveland Metroparks

Hand-Feed the Birds @ Cleveland Metroparks

I spent the most unusual and fun morning in the Cleveland Metroparks at the Brecksville Reservation. I didn’t realize this, but every year on Sundays from 10am-noon in January and February, very patient and quiet visitors have the opportunity to handfeed chickadees and other small birds
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Take a Ride in a Rocket Car! (08.09.08)

One wild ride.

One wild ride.

It was my friend’s son’s birthday this weekend. She had his party with friends and family in the Cleveland Metroparks near Brecksville. We tossed the Frisbee. Some of us played a little baseball. A few of the kids went “toad hunting.” And some water balloons were definitely tossed.

It was a beautiful day and, I have to tell you, the homemade cupcakes were completely amazing. But the best part of the afternoon for me was the appearance of the Rocket Car.

The Rocket Car was once part of a ride at the legendary Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland. This former amusement park and the memories of its rides (and taffy, soft serve ice cream and popcorn balls) are cherished by Clevelanders. The rocket car from a swing ride has been converted by Ron Heitman into an actual open-air road-worthy vehicle. If you want (and boy did I want), you can pay to have Ron come drive you around town.

A few words of warning though:

  • Get ready to stop traffic. Everyone is amused by this 28-foot stainless steel sci-fi roadster.
  • Don’t let the kid in front of you spit to see how far and/or fast it drops in a speeding spaceship. It’s fast enough to peg you in the eye, guaranteed.
  • Hold on to your sunglasses and your baseball caps. While no long an amusement park ride, it’s just thrilling enough to send your personal items flying out into space.



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