Brite Winter Festival 2014

Brite Blog Intro ImageBrite Winter Festival (, now in its fifth year, is Cleveland’s “coolest” event all about having fun and celebrating winter, rather than tolerating it. On February 15, 2014 more than 20,000 attendees will come out of hibernation to enjoy musical performances, outdoor art and festival games as they are surrounded by Cleveland’s notorious winter weather.

Armed with gallons of hot chocolate, Brite aims to move beyond the traditional winter festival by integrating interactive outdoor art installations and games. Activities during this quirky event include a 24-foot long skee-ball ramp (more than double the average size), ski bike racing, snow mini golf, a massive electronic arcade crane and some of the most epic snowball fights visitors have ever seen.

Brite Fire

At the heart of the festival are more than 50 performances by local, regional and national musical acts and a lighting competition sponsored by GE Lighting.

Brite Band

Conveniently located in Market District in Cleveland’s eclectic Ohio City neighborhood, Brite Winter Festival goers take over the area’s best known bars and restaurants for opportunities to warm up and enjoy discount specials.

Best of all? The festival is completely free.

Check back soon for a line-up for performers and art installations.

– April Ingle

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4 responses to “Brite Winter Festival 2014”

  1. Lisa Medors says :

    Cleveland is so awesome and anyone who has never been there is missing out on so much. It is a beautiful city and overflowing with culture. You can take a trip around the world just by visiting Cleveland. The Lake Erie gives you much to love and enjoy. The people (most) are very enjoyable to be around and are helpful where needed. I myself unfortunately now live in Columbus and hate every second here. I am handicapped and have a beater of a vehicle and no cash to get to Cleveland and my heart aches so to be there and if EVER I find a way to move there, I will NEVER leave that beautiful city again. I strongly suggest everyone open their eyes as wide as you can and really enjoy one of God’s greatest cities. I know I have and hope to someday enjoy again. I have had four generations in the Cleveland area and they all love living there as well. Much love to my city.

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