Man of Steel Ticket Giveaway!

Did you know? The man of steel has roots right here in Cleveland. A product of the creative minds of two east-side high school students, inspiration for the original “last son of Krypton” can still be found in the buildings, houses and streets of Northeast Ohio.

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster first met at Glenville High School and in 1933 began an adventure comic strip featuring Superman. They had no way of knowing that their very own superhero would live on as an American cultural icon.

With the release of yet another Superman movie, Man of Steel, and on the coat tails of Cleveland’s dedicated Superman Day in celebration of Superman’s 75th Birthday, we’re feeling like it’s time for a #SUPERCLE GIVEAWAY.

Enter to win four tickets to Man of Steel opening showing Thursday night (midnight) at Capitol Theater by commenting below with the title of your favorite Superman movie to date. The winner will be chosen and announced right here on this blog tomorrow at 4pm. For an additional entry tweet the following tweet before tomorrow at 3:59pm and comment below letting me know you tweeted:

I entered to win 4 tickets to the opening of Man of Steel @CapitolW65th and you can too. #SuperCLE

And the winner is: Christina, @MissSwiss

“My favorite movies has to be the original, “Superman: The Movie.” Christopher Reeve is the consummate definition of the Man of Steel.”

I also tweeted my extra entry, @MissSwiss.

To experience more of Superman in Cleveland visit these sites:

Cleveland Hopkins Airport
5300 Riverside Drive, Cleveland
Visit the Superman Exhibit at Cleveland Hopkins Airport located on baggage claim level near carousel 10 featuring a seven-foot tall statue of Superman.

The Siegels’ House
10622 Kimberly Avenue
The childhood home of Superman author Jerry Siegel now restored and adorned with the iconic Superman colors, a decorative fence and plaque in celebration of the site’s historical significance.

The Shuster’s house
Parkwood Drive and Amor Avenue
The original apartment building, home to Superman illustrator Joe Shuster no longer stands at the corner of Parkwood Drive and Amor Avenue. It its place you’ll find oversized reproduction panels of Action Comics No. 1, the first Superman story created by Siegel and Shuster.

Cleveland Institute of Art
11141 East Boulevard
Joe Shuster attended art classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art formerly, the Cleveland School of Art.

University Circle Place
1990 Ford Drive
Jerry Shuster and Joanne Shuster (his second wife) were married in this University Circle neighborhood landmark, now apartments.

The Schuster Studio
Euclid Avenue, between E. 105th and E. 101st streets
Joe Shuster spent time on Euclid Avenue at his studio away from home.

Jerry’s House
2402 Glendon Road, University Heights
Jerry, first wife Bella and son Michael called Glendon Road home.

Cleveland Public Library
325 Superior Avenue N.E.
Laura Siegel Larson said Cleveland’s public library, comic pages and high school mentors all nurtured her father’s creativity.

And, don’t miss Superman: From Cleveland to the World in a Single Bound: The 75th Anniversary of the Man of Steel set to open Friday, June 14 at 4pm. In celebration of the iconic Cleveland-born superhero the exhibit will showcase items from the Mike Olszewski, president of the Siegel and Shuster Society plus the Library’s own collection of Superman material.  The exhibit runs through September 14.

Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage
2929 Richmond Road, Beachwood

Both children of Jewish immigrants, Siegel and Shuster’s Superman legacy lives on at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in the museum’s wing celebrating the history of Cleveland’s Jewish community.

The Huron Road AT&T Building
750 Huron Road
Does this look like the Daily Planet building? Rumor is, Joe used this building as inspiration.

Ohio Historical Plaque
E. 105th St. and St. Clair Ave
The City of Cleveland officially recognizes Superman and his creators at E. 105th St and St. Claire.

To purchase a Superman comic visit these Cleveland Comic Book Stores:

Carol & John’s Comic Shop
17462 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland

For evem more information about Superman in Cleveland, visit Carol & John’s Comic Shop. There they’ll set you up with a fantastic map including most of the information from above and point you in the right direction to get you started on your Superman tour.

York Comics & Cards
7390 York Road, Cleveland

B & L Comics Cards & Nostalgia
5591 Ridge Road, Parma

A & A Comics, Inc.
5024 Turney Road, Garfield Heights

North Coast Nostalgia
5853 Ridge Rd, Cleveland

Mr Cards-N-Comics
5646 Mayfield Road, Cleveland

– Corinne Allie

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29 responses to “Man of Steel Ticket Giveaway!”

  1. maribel says :

    superman returns

  2. Abbe DeMaio (@abbede) says :

    My favorite Superman movie was the original Superman with Christopher Reeve. He was the perfect Superman and a relatable Clark Kent.

  3. ed says :

    The original one with the awesome Christopher Reeves!

  4. Scott says :

    My fav is the 1978 movie “Superman”. Saw in theaters and was blown away. Would love to share that experience in 2013 with my 3 daughters!

    I also tweeted!!

  5. Jackie says :

    Superman 2 with Zod was the best!

  6. Stacy says :

    Superman from 1978

  7. Joe Pulizzi says :

    Even though some say it’s hokey, Superman III with Richard Pryor is still my favorite.

  8. Brad says :

    The original 1978 Superman

    I also tweeted:

  9. Christina says :

    My favorite movies has to be the original, “Superman: The Movie.” Christopher Reeve is the consummate definition of the Man of Steel.

    I also tweeted my extra entry, @MissSwiss.

  10. Keith Smith says :

    I always liked the first Superman with Christopher Reeve.

    I also tweeted.

  11. Jeff says :

    Have to go with the Christopher Reeve classic, Superman 2.

  12. jsmuscatello says :

    Like many others, my favorite was Superman: The movie with Christopher Reeve.
    I also tweeted my extra entry via @clevoplanner

  13. Christopher Clem says :

    Atom Man vs. Superman 1950. Kirk Alyn is the original, and best, movie Superman.

  14. Christopher Clem @ChrisClemSr says :

    I entered to win 4 tickets to the opening of Man of Steel @CapitolW65th and you can too. #SuperCLE

  15. Ryan DeBiase says :

    Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. Such a deep movie ;-)

  16. Owen says :

    My favorite is the Superman with Christopher Reeve.

  17. Owen says :

    I entered to win 4 tickets to the opening of Man of Steel @CapitolW65th and you can too. #SuperCLE. I tweeted this on my TWitter

  18. Renee says :

    My favorite has to be Superman:The Movie.

  19. Renee says :

    I also tweeted.

  20. Niki says :

    My fave Superman movie to date would be the first Superman with Christopher Reeve.

    I also tweeted. ;)

  21. Tim Oster @TimOster says :

    I also Tweeted:

    I entered to win 4 tickets to the opening of Man of Steel @CapitolW65th and you can too. #SuperCLE

  22. Abbe DeMaio (@abbede) says :

    I also tweeted

    @abbede 20h
    @PositivelyCleve I entered to win 4 tickets to the opening of Man of Steel @CapitolW65th and you can too. #SuperCLE

  23. Brian says :

    Superman returns!

  24. Sid says :

    Original Superman, for sure.

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