Vote for Cleveland! Round two!


Thanks to all of your votes and shares we made it to ROUND TWO of the Social Media Tourism Symposium voting. Today Cleveland goes head-to-head with Clearwater, Florida for twelve hours beginning at 10am and ending at 10pm. The city with the most votes advances to the final four.

How you can help Cleveland win:

1. Vote! Go to anytime between 10am and 10pm to vote!

2. Pass it on! Share the link on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Tell your friends, family, kids, colleagues and coworkers.

I’ll be online all day rallying the Cleveland community. Join me on our Facebook page and on Twitter @positivelycleve. Follow hashtag #SoMeT13US to watch as people get excited and jump in to compete for our city. We’ll need help in the later hours of the competition when folks start to get burned out, so if you’re free after work head to Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be there!

Share the voting link both online and offline! If you can’t think of your own message, retweet/share mine by visiting our Facebook and Twitter links above.

Thanks Cleveland! Let’s beat Florida! 

For more info about the Social Media Tourism Symposium and why Cleveland should host it click here.

– Positively Cleveland

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Positively Cleveland is the destination marketing organization that has been promoting business and leisure tourism to Cleveland for more than 75 years.

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