Yuri’s Night Space Party Ticket Giveaway

Attend Cleveland’s first-ever Yuri’s Night Space Party at the Great Lakes Science Center Saturday, April 7 from 8pm to 1am!  Another reason to celebrate in CLE!

Enjoy a night of dancing, live music by Disco Inferno, beer and wine, hors d’oeuvres, a space themed costume contest, midnight showing of the OMNIMAX movie, Hubble, free parking, Big Science Show demonstrations, trivia contest with a NASA astronaut and so much more!

Yuri’s Night parties and events are held around the world every April in commemoration of April 12, 1961, the day of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flight, and April 12, 1981, the inaugural launch of NASA’s Space Shuttle.

To purchase tickets and to learn more about Yuri’s Night Space Party at the Great Lakes Science Center click here. For your chance to WIN FOUR TICKETS simply leave a comment below describing what your best space-themed attire will look like for Yuri’s costume contest. Winner will be chosen at random and announced back here on this post on Thursday afternoon. Good luck!

We loved all your entries and are sad we can only choose one winner. The randomly chosen winner is comment #21. Congrats to Jessa! Email me at callie@positivelycleveland.com for details. Thanks for playing everyone! Looking forward to the next giveaway. 

– Corinne Allie

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32 responses to “Yuri’s Night Space Party Ticket Giveaway”

  1. Vicki says :

    Something from the Jetsons!

  2. Jason says :

    My Men in Black suite.

  3. Kary says :

    I would definitley come as an alien. :) Everyone else will be an astronaut!

  4. Mike T says :

    Planets orbit around him, because he is the World’s Most Interesting Astronaut.

  5. Rick P. says :

    Space Ghost all the way! Or maybe Superman, because he was from Krypton.

  6. jeannbe1 says :

    Lost in Space ,,,the robot,,,lol

  7. Kimmy Johnson says :

    My R2D2 swimsuit and silver leggings!!

  8. annehdg says :

    The cape I wear…..Because I am a supermom. He can borrow it for the night ;)

  9. Gina says :

    I’d have to do some more planning, but I’m thinking lots of sparkles! This party sounds so fun :)

  10. goboilers says :

    I’ll dress up like a guy from Office “Space”!

  11. Michelle says :

    My space-themed full sleeve tattoo shows my love of space extends far beyond just one party. :-)

  12. Sharon says :

    Silver tin foil & duct tape!

  13. Cat T says :

    I have no idea. I can’t wait to have to decide! :)

  14. Justine says :

    My favorite is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Moon-and-Star vest!

  15. Trish Kara says :

    I’m putting myself in aluminum!

  16. Amanda says :

    Gotta keep with the Star Wars….many choices.

  17. David says :

    My girlfriend and I are going as Starfleet Crewman from the Original Series.

  18. Jess says :

    Mork from Ork!!!

  19. Pamela Lewis says :

    Something sleek and shiney that I would wear on leave from the ship.

  20. Jessa Hochman says :

    Marvin the Martian + Judy Jetson – PLEASE PICK ME!

  21. abominablesnowcone says :

    Two words: Boba. Fett.

  22. ivan nogalo says :

    I will be wearing illuminated LED Cufflinks in both red and blue. Red to represent the Soviets and blue to represent NASA.

  23. Meghan says :

    I would be an astronaut!!!!

  24. Sarah Repasy says :

    Zenon girl of the 21st century : )

  25. Melanie says :

    I’m thinking the shiny 7 of 9 outfit. Party sounds like fun.

  26. Christine Zanoni says :

    A teacher in space. Or Richard Branson.

  27. Jen Tyminski says :

    Ziggy Stardust

  28. MaryBeth says :

    My costume idea is to come as a very cute alien…something similar to Katy Perry’s video for ” E.T,”. If I can pull it off. As a back up, I’d come as space scientist who’s lost her marbles.

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