Insider’s Perspective: Marcus Glover, GM Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

EDITOR’S NOTE: We talked to a few notable Clevelanders and asked them what they liked about Northeast Ohio. Today we introduce Marcus Glover, General Manager of the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.

You recently moved here from St. Louis. What were your first impressions of Cleveland?

For my first impression, I’d have to go back to my first visit. I came here for the first time last July when the climate was very nice.  My first tour was of the downtown area, particularly East 4th St. I was very impressed with what I saw there.

How does it compare to St. Louis?

Cleveland is very similar to St. Louis in terms of the kinds of people that live here. You get a warm feeling from everyone and it almost gave me a feel of Southern hospitality.

As you have gotten to know downtown Cleveland, what do you like about it?

I’ve been impressed with the variety of cuisine in the downtown area. There are several great restaurants within a three or four block radius of where our casino will be, and I’ve enjoyed the quality of both the food and the service experience.  I have every confidence that business will be great at those businesses after the casino is in place.  I think the restaurateurs will be excited by the new customers the casino will attract.

Do you have a favorite restaurant or bar?

Not yet. I’m still trying to make my way through all of them. There are several very good ones. The city should be very proud of its culinary offerings.

Talk about how you’re trying to make the casino a part of downtown life.

Led by Dan Gilbert, our development philosophy for this project is that in order for the casino to prosper, there needs to be very strong partnerships with the downtown establishments. This casino is very light on food and beverage. We have a 400-seat buffet and a food court on one of the levels. But that’s light food and beverage for a facility that will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and see five million visits annually. We expect to have partnerships with restaurants in the area who will not only allow our players to dine with them, but they will also give them the same level of service that our customers expect from Caesars Entertainment and Horseshoe. That experience will need to be seamless if we want customers to return and be loyal to both the casino and the restaurants.  It’s going to require very sound coordination and a strong partnership with local businesses.

What do you do when you’re not working? Do you have any hobbies or activities?

I have three small children, so I enjoy spending time with my family. On a personal level, I like to play basketball and I like to watch sports, particularly basketball and football. I’m a Duke alum so I like to watch my alma mater play whenever they are on. It’s great being in Cleveland now because I’m closer to the water. I enjoy being on a boat and doing some fishing from time to time.

What’s the city’s best-kept secret?

I was surprised to learn that Cleveland has the second-largest performing arts center outside of New York. I think that’s a great asset for tourism.

– Interviewed by Jeff Niesel

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2 responses to “Insider’s Perspective: Marcus Glover, GM Horseshoe Casino Cleveland”

  1. andre favors says :


  2. Tom Serafin says :

    Marcus first welcome to Cleveland. I am a past employee of the Higbee company and think it would be a great idea to have a Higbee reunion at the Horseshoe. Will they be doing any soft openings when an event like this might be able to happen?
    Good luck,
    Tom Serafin

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