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EDITOR’S NOTE: Bill Knittel is #HappyinCLE+ and thought that there was no better way to show it than with a poem. He doesn’t have his own blog site, so he asked to be a guest blogger and share it with you here.  


We are known as Cleveland,
The “most miserable city” around;
Should we tell them all the truth
Or should we take them down?

They’ve probably never been to Cleveland,
Nor ever spent the day;
They simply write from gossip,
Or from shoddy, cheap hearsay.

So Forbes.com, come join us,
As we take you for a ride;
To see our lovely city,
To learn the true meaning of pride.

First the Soldiers and Sailors Monument,
Located on Public Square;
Just step inside and feast your eyes,
on the treasures that greet you there.

Next our Terminal Tower,
At one time, second tallest in the land;
Then just north our famous Rock Hall,
Outside, inside, simply grand.

Then situated right behind,
Sometimes calm and sometimes fury;
Is our treasured liquid gem,
The one we call Lake Erie.

 And all throughout our downtown;
On every street, plus hotel you’ve seen;
Are giant delectable restaurants,
Of most every delicious cuisine.

Go south to travel back in time
Where your car, you’ll just have to park it,
For all the vendors you’re about to enjoy
Are gathered inside West Side Market.

Then traveling east you’ll come upon,
A mecca of the arts galore,
Museums and gardens of every kind,
Such class you’ve never seen before.

Hear the famous Cleveland Orchestra,
That is known from China to Rome,
And enter classic Severance Hall,
The edifice, our Orchestra calls home.

When traveling west along the lake,
You’ll see Lakewood’s famous Gold Coast;
Plus sail boats, commercial ships,
Such wonders we can’t help but boast. 

And surrounding this fantastic city,
The Metroparks are a sight to behold;
We call it the Emerald Necklace,
A gem that will never grow old. 

Yes the nightlife, the restaurants,
All the museums and such,
Are the reason we live here,
We love it so much.

Now we people in Cleveland,
We’re staying strong and we’re tough.
To us this is heaven,
We just can’t get enough. 

So bring all your families and join us
‘Cause Cleveland is really the “bomb,”
And, as for all the rest of you . . .
Go straight to FORBES dot com.

P.S. Cleveland, the national’s hidden treasure.  Love it or leave it!

–Submitted by Bill Knittel, Lakewood, OH

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Positively Cleveland is the destination marketing organization that has been promoting business and leisure tourism to Cleveland for more than 75 years.

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