City Bikes

Spandex not required (obviously).

Spandex not required (obviously).

If you live in Cleveland Plus, you’re very aware that summertime equates to time spent outside. It’s a fact of life, and for many of us, an addiction. We’re a region of people that bust out our shorts on an unseasonably warm 65-degree day in March, and squeeze every last remnant of warm weather out of a weekend in September. 

That being said, I was super psyched to learn about City Bikes, a new simple program put together by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance where you can rent bicycles in downtown Cleveland.

I’m pretty much the most un-athletic person I know and all my friends and family would probably agree (last gym class: May 27, 1999 = happiest day of my life).  But there’s a certain something about a bike ride that helps phys. ed. haters feel special. And for those of us who love the area, City Bikes is a dream come true.

My husband and I took the opportunity to experience City Bikes on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in July. Situated next to Zocalo on East 4th Street, the bike station is manned by one of the Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s ambassadors. For $15 (they only accept credit/debit) you get a two-hour bike rental, helmet and bike lock. For kids, the same goes for $12. (Head to the Cleveland Plus Visitors Center to pick up a buy one get one free coupon.) After paying, you’re asked to sign a waiver and off you go.

We took the bikes out off East 4th Street and began our adventure down Prospect through the Gateway District. My husband, who, by the way, looks pretty fly on a bike, had more bravery than I and peddled in the street right from the beginning. It wasn’t until we came to the intersection of East 12th and Superior that I decided I could cycle my way off the sidewalk and onto the street. What a thrill!

Our afternoon ride took us down to North Coast Harbor where we circled around watching fishermen, sailboats and jovial families board the Goodtime III. We headed passed the Rock Hall to see a busy day of visitors snapping pictures outside. 

We peddled (okay, I wheezed) up a small hill on West 3rd next to the Browns Stadium to eventually land in the Warehouse District for lunch on a patio (another favorite activity of Northeast Ohioans). Afterward, we headed over to Ingenuity Fest, where we received 50% off admission for riding a bike – they even gave us safe, secure bike parking.

We toured the city on our own, taking in sights we’ve never experienced on a bicycle before. We could have gone on for longer. All in all, the combination of a very flat city, a sunny Ohio Sunday, plenty of activities downtown and a carefree afternoon made for a phenomenal Cleveland Plus experience.

For those of you who have yet to experience City Bikes, you’re in luck. City Bikes operates daily until Aug. 31 and then Friday – Sunday through September. They even offer a one-hour lunch rate of just $6 if you leave your business card between 11:30am – 1:30pm. Click here to learn more.

Oh, and when you’re done, you can post a picture of yourself riding a City Bike on your Facebook page. Or, post it on Flickr and tag it with “Positively Cleveland” so we can take a look. Might even convince your friends that you weren’t the girl getting nailed in the face during gym class dodgeball. –Submitted by LRH

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