A Model City (Cleveland “Posers”), 07.09.08

Scott Meivogel)

Guess which one is me. (Credit: Scott Meivogel)

I am one of Positively Cleveland’s interns for the summer and my time here has really been a memorable one. I love the city of Cleveland and want it to be respected like all other big cities. I think we’re definitely on the right track. Over the past couple of years, Cleveland has started to develop its image slowly but surely. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve moved from once losing sports teams to teams that compete for world championships. Or that downtown nightlife is now a hip new melting pot of restaurants, clubs and bars.

I got a firsthand look at the improvements the city has made on July 9th, 2008, when I was a part of a small group who went around the city on a photo shoot for the new Cleveland Plus Destination Planning Guide, an informational publication designed for meeting planners and motorcoach operators. We were posing as business people experiencing the city. Some of the shoot locations I had been to already and knew a little about them, like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Progressive Field. But there were also some new places where I had never been before that are new developments within the last couple of years. One stop was East 4th Street, which is possibly going to be one the most popular destination streets when the construction along Euclid Avenue for the HealthLine transit system is finished. While on East 4th we went to House of Blues and Wonder Bar, which were both cool places.

After taking pictures there we headed down to the Rock Hall and took more shots, then on to the Warehouse District and West 6th Street. West 6th is another popular street for younger adults because its full of restaurants and clubs. Our photos were taken at the Velvet Dog. I heard of the club before but had never been inside. Well let me tell you, I was impressed. Three levels of dance floors and bars and on the top level there is a rooftop patio/bar area. It was simply amazing to be up there and look out on the city. I was very happy that I got the opportunity to take part in the shoot and was also very proud of the city of Cleveland for bringing a lot of new thing downtown instead of out to the various suburbs. The next couple of years are going to be very exciting for us. Cleveland rocks!!! –JO

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